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Just some of our services

If it can be cleaned, we can clean it (unless it's a car or a dog) 




We wash duvets beautifully same day!


Your duvet will be laundered to the highest standard with a safe-guarding, mite-busting anti-bacterial rinse. Same-day service, same price.


per lb

Curtain care

Free local collection


Bring your curtains in or take advantage of our curtain collection, take down & re-hang service. We also clean table runners and small & large cushions.


Alterations & repairs

Don't throw away, repair and wear


We are able to provide a range of alterations and repairs to garments and fabrics - from shortening trousers, altering the waist to invisible mending for those moth damaged garments.



per pair


UGG boot sprucing

Restore your UGG boots to their former glory


UGG boots get through a lot of wear. Our aim is to restore them to their former glory by cleaning and protecting them.

If it can be cleaned, we can clean it

(unless it's a car or a dog)


But we can clean dog beds and car seats. We also clean leather and suede, can waterproof ski-wear, clean horse blankets, rent you our carpet cleaner (or clean your carpets for you). The list is endless.

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